Dell Young Leaders Bursary 2021-2022 | How to Apply

Dell Young Leaders Bursary 2021/2022 | How to apply for the Dell Young Leaders bursaries program online, requirements, application form, and application closing date 2021-2022.

Want to apply for Bursaries in South Africa 2021? The Dell Young Leaders invites an application from suitably and qualifies students for their bursary program 2021-2022.


The Dell Foundation offers talented individuals the opportunity to complete their studies via their Young Leaders Bursary fund. They offer candidates a variety of study fields and do not hold candidates back upon graduation, thus, candidates may apply for work at any company after completion of their studies.

The Young Leaders bursaries programs are usually for an amount of up to R150 000. They seek candidates who show extraordinary talents, who seek financial aid to complete their studies. Their program ensures equality, building the future of South Africa with gifted leaders.


The Dell Young Leaders Bursary program not only provides selected candidates with the means to complete their studies but also gives them mentorship, resources and support to make it all the way. With their program, they aim to not only ensure more talented candidates get to graduate but also to ensure these candidates enter the workforce prepared. To develop sustainability within all communities and fulfill the needs within scarce skills.

Dell Young Leaders Bursary Progam 2021-2022

The Dell Young Leaders program provides a 100 talented candidates the opportunity to study within a variety of fields each year. These candidates can study at the University of Pretoria or Cape Town.

Fields of study included in this bursary program falls under numerous sectors:

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Construction
  • Accounting
  • Medical
  • Technology
  • Law
  • Education
  • Computer Science
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Candidates who receive these Dell Young Leaders academic bursaries will also be given psychosocial support. They will receive all-inclusive work readiness preparation, thus ensuring they are capable of continuing their careers against any and all odds. The expectations of successful candidates are high and students are pushed to prove their desire to make a difference and rise above all diversity.


Young Leaders Bursary Requirements

Candidates wanting to apply for a bursary with this company will have to meet the basic requirements. Depending on the field of study there may be additional stipulations, however, these will be discussed with candidates through the various Universities.

Basic requirements needed are as follow:

  • Applicants must have a valid ID document
  • Applicants must be currently studying at the university of Cape Town or the University of Pretoria
  • Applicants must be in their first year of study within the field of application
  • Applicants must be in need of financial assistance
  • Candidates must show great leadership skills

All the selected candidates are those who have overcome great odds, grown and fought their way to the top. They candidates are motivated, committed and eager to improve their living conditions, to overcome all obstacles. They are talented individuals who have passion and drive for life.

Young Leaders Bursary Application Form

Young Leaders bursaries applications online are made available through the Dell Foundation offices at the selected Universities. This program invites talented candidates that are in need of financial assistance and in their first year of study, who would like to complete their studies and become a skilled professional to apply.

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Candidates interested in this bursary program may contact the Dell Foundation offices at the following Universities.

University of Pretoria

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 012 420 4874

University of Cape Town

E-Mail: [email protected]

Tel: 021 650 4147

Candidates can also have a look on their website for any additional information for students or the young leaders program.

Young Leaders Bursaries: Closing Date

There is currently no stipulated closing date for bursaries provided by this company. Interested individuals that adhere to the minimum requirements are invited to apply for the latest bursaries and prepare for their future. If you are committed, hardworking and a gifted student, then you deserve the opportunity to try.

The young leader’s bursary program provided by the Dell Foundation aims at aiding in the development of skilled workers and the growth of South Africa’s economy. This program has already assisted more than 350 gifted candidates with bursaries. Each year’s candidates are setting higher expectations for the following generation to embrace.

Successful candidates are placed within top corporations, many of these are also given the opportunity to further improve on their knowledge and skills. Becoming prominent professionals within their fields. If you are ready for a lifetime of stability and success, then this company may just be what you were seeking.


Make sure to read every detail of your Bursary contract. Not every company offers the same rewards and some companies will ask you to work for them as long as you have held the bursary.



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