How to Upload documents for Lovedale TVET College Application-2023

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Lovedale TVET College Acceptable Documents for Application and Easy Steps on How to Upload Them. How to Upload documents for Lovedale TVET College Application

Lovedale TVET College applications for the current Academic session is open. Therefore, prospective students can apply to study at the above mentioned institution by using the online application system.

Most of the institutions in South-Africa requires applicants to pay a non-refundable fee of R350 for citizens and R500 for non-citizens before they could begin any application at the institution, while most don’t.

But, I recommend you look through Lovedale TVET College’S Application fees through the link below so as not to be taken unawares when you are asked to pay an application fee and also the payable amount.

Note: No applicant is to pay any money into any account, unless otherwise stated by the school authority.

To ensure a smooth application process in Lovedale TVET College, you are to have all the listed documents below to be qualified for admission. Applicants are also required to upload them on the portal during application.

  • Certified ID of the Applicants ID
  • Senior School Certificate of equivalent
  • Proof¬† of non-refundable fee (If at all you were asked to pay.)

How to Upload Documents for Lovedale TVET College Application

To ensure a smooth application, follow the procedures below in uploading your application documents.

Step 1:

Login to the school’s website Via

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Step 2:

Login to the student portal with your login details and Navigate to “Student Enquiry”

Step 3:

Click on Certificates Seen”

Step 4:

Which is the final step of all, kindly Upload your documents as listed above and be-careful while doing so.


We wish you success in your academic pursuit with Lovedale TVET College.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact the Lovedale TVET College’s admission office.


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