Summary of Binnelanders Teasers 2023 April Episodes

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Imlie April Teasers is out and the Summary of the whole April Episode has been uploaded here on, Read on and Stay Entertained.

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Imlie Teasers 2023 April Episodes, Full Story

Coming up on Binnelanders this April 2023:

Monday 3 April 2023
Episode 216/4255

Annetjie is feeling overwhelmed and Elise comforts her, Dawid confronts At, and Nicolette finds out about a lie. Conrad gets the wrong end of the stick, and the nurses are a bit awkward in Doepa.

Tuesday 4 April 2023
Episode 217/4256

Elise has an idea for Annetjie about a new club, and Zee gets an interesting offer. Conrad has a date, and Liam is confused by Dawid’s decision. Elise gets rejected by Uys, and Milan accuses someone of murder.

Wednesday 5 April 2023
Episode 218/4257

The dating game is on, and Nicolette discovers the truth about Milan. Naomi finds out someone is leaving, and a juicy story is leaked to the press.

Thursday 6 April 2023
Episode 219/4258

Elise asks Annelize for a big favour, and Tracy has to pretend to be happy. Liam corners Nicolette, and Dawid is in on the suspicions. Tertius tries to comfort Tracy.

Friday 7 April 2023
Episode 220/4259

At plants a seed regarding Dawid, and Annelize starts to feel more lonely. Everyone is invited to a farewell party, and Tracy has a crazy idea. Liam is looking for answers, and a kiss leads to confusion.
Monday 10 April 2023
Episode 221/4260

Someone is the big news story of the day, and things are awkward in Tertius’s flat. Liam is furious, Conrad has questions, and Tracy gets shocking news. Gaby gets a phone call, and Milan gets orders from someone.

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Tuesday 11 April 2023
Episode 222/4261

Danny feels guilty, At wants to fix a relationship, and Tracy meets Suzy. Annetjie is angry with Elise, and Liam thinks a relationship is over. Nicolette corners Liam, and Uys has plans for Danny.

Wednesday 12 April 2023
Episode 223/4262

Tracy notices something on Suzy’s arms, Naomi is worried about Louis, and Karen gets a warning. A launch leads to excitement, Thalia gets an exciting opportunity, and Suzy gets the fright of her life.

Thursday 13 April 2023
Episode 224/4263

While Louis and Naomi try to warn Thalia, Louis has bigger problems. Letitia is worried about At, Tracy gets news about Suzy, and Jaco is suspicious. The launch is a disaster, and Tertius has a suggestion for Tracy.

Friday 14 April 2023
Episode 225/4264

Annelize hears a gossip story, and a secret gets out. Tracy is looking for clues, and Conrad offers to help Jaco. Conrad warns Tracy, Annetjie feels embarrassed about the previous night, and Tracy discovers something in her office.

Monday 17 April 2023
Episode 226/4265

Suzy admits the truth to Tracy, a save the date gets sent out, Tertius wants to call the police, and a diary holds evidence. Annetjie accepts Annelize’s offer, Jaco is on the warpath, and Annelize sees red.

Tuesday 18 April 2023
Episode 227/4266

Tracy receives a note, Karen comforts Thalia, and the idea of a new restaurant gets someone excited. Annetjie finds out she didn’t receive an invitation, Danny has big plans, and a policeman can’t be trusted.

Wednesday 19 April 2023
Episode 228/4267

Naomi agrees to Thalia’s request, At is proud of Conrad, and Louis is asked a big question. Uys prescribes something for anxiety, Tracy is on a (big) mission, and Gaby tries to convince Tertius to make an offer.

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Thursday 20 April 2023
Episode 229/4268

Annetjie tries to overcompensate for the previous night, Tracy contacts someone in the police and a deal is made. Gaby puts more pressure on Tertius, Annelize connects with someone, and Danny finds out something that makes him furious.

Friday 21 April 2023
Episode 230/4269

Louis considers an offer, someone might be dealing with prostitution, and an excellent specialist wants to work at Binneland. Louis is not happy about the modelling, and someone is trying to frame Tracy and Tertius

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Monday 24 April 2023
Episode 231/4270

Tracy’s breakthrough creates a new theory and Louis expresses his true feelings. The new locum gets replaced, Thalia has a chaperone and Tim disappears.

Tuesday 25 April 2023
Episode 232/4271

Thalia suddenly gets hesitant about the modelling, Tracy keeps something from Margie, and Danny wants to travel through Africa. At has a question for Letitia, Jeremy confronts Annelize about her plan, and Suzy rocks up.

Wednesday 26 April 2023
Episode 233/4272

It’s At and Letitia’s wedding day! Tertius and Tracy decipher a tattoo, Danny has a guilty conscience, and Thalia is honest with Suzy about the photoshoot.

Thursday 27 April 2023
Episode 234/4273

Annelize tries to justify her decision. At has plans with Doepa, and Danny is overwhelmed when he sees Steve with the kids. Nicolette has a job offer, Thalia gets groomed, and information about a crime gang is revealed.

Friday 28 April 2023
Episode 235/4274

Annelize is shocked about what At told her, Tertius is furious when he finds out about Karen, and Jaco has his sight set on someone. Someone is suspicious of Tracy.
Premiere episodes of Binnelanders air on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. The omnibus airs on kykNET on Saturdays from 09h30.

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