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National Occupational Safety Association -NOSA Course Registration Portal, Procedures, And Course Registration Portal for the Academic Year.NOSA Course Registration Portal

You have to register for every course you are taking at NOSA, Course Registration is a must do for students in any tertiary institution, for It is only when you are registered that you become a student at the Institution and can participate in classroom activities.

To be really sure of your courses, you can see the courses you are, or have been, registered on via >>>>NOSA Courses

NOSA Course Registration Dates

The University has directed that all students should pay their school fees and complete their online registration within the stipulated period.

Students are urged to adhere to this schedule as THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSION of the period for online registration. To make sure you are not left behind, see the due dates for registrations>>>>>Applications Dates

All students are further urged to take advantage of the remaining weeks of the Online Registration to complete their registration processes without delay.

Course Registration Procedure

The following Step-by-step approach must be followed to achieve an error-free online courses registration:

  1. Ensure a bigger percentage of school fees payment as this is required for the online registration.
  2. All students are to consult with their Academic ADVISERS, for necessary advice and guidance on departmental regulations on the choice of courses to be registered, before proceeding online for course registration.


  • Use of cell-phone for course registration is not advisable as some features may be hidden depending on the version of the os of the phone
  • Only registered students will be permitted to write exams and have results.

How to register for NOSA Courses Online

For easy and successful course registration, follow the steps below;

  1. Log in to NOSA students services using your student account.
  2. Drag your mouse pointer on COURSE REGISTRATION
  3. Input your MATRIC NUMBER and PASSWORD in the appropriate text box
  4. Click on SUBMIT button
  5. Click the button Register for the course you want to register for. If the registration intervals have not started yet, you can only see the course, but not register.
  6. Review and approve the registration by clicking Register me.

After the last step, keep following instructions until you arrive at the final.


However, if you have any Queries regarding Course Registrations, Please kindly DROP A COMMENT below and we will respond to it as soon as possible.


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