Summary of In die Ysterhand se Greep 2 Teasers 2022 June Episodes

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In die Ysterhand se Greep 2 December Teasers is out and the Summary of the whole December Episode has been uploaded here on, Read on and Stay Entertained.

In die Ysterhand se Greep 2 December Teasers

In die Ysterhand se Greep 2 Teasers 2022 December Episodes, Full Story


Thursday 1 December 2022
Episode 41

Iclal makes use of Mert to blackmail Nur emotionally. This leads to a big fight between Iclal and Yigit.
Monday 5 December 2022
Episode 42

Nazan is unceremoniously dumped with her family. Elmas gets right up Aytul and Iclal’s noses. Nazan’s brothers rock up at the mansion to demand compensation.

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Tuesday 6 December 2022
Episode 43

Yigit is upset about the news in the papers about Nur and Kerem. Iclal has a miscarriage.

Wednesday 7 December 2022
Episode 44

Tayyar and Hafize get a nasty surprise when they return. Yigit tells Nur that he’ll leave her alone even though he doesn’t believe that’s what she wants.

Thursday 8 December 2022
Episode 45

Nur and Kerem cement their agreement. Elmas and Cahit are at it again but dinner in the main house with the future in-laws still goes ahead.
Monday 12 December 2022
Episode 46

As planned Kerem and Nur are ‘caught’ at his ‘love nest’. Sukriya is startled at first seeing Nur. Upon returning home Nur finds her puzzle stolen and spots Iclal’s car nearby.

Tuesday 13 December 2022
Episode 47

Nur shows interest and care for Iclal’s baby and is afraid she caused harm. Elmas encourages Nur to settle for Kerem. Hafize can’t seem to trust Cahit and seek the advice of Elmas.

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Wednesday 14 December 2022
Episode 48

Cahit returns Nazsan’s jewelery and she asks him to rescue her from her brother’s home. Yigit is convinced that Kerem is a dangerous person and he is concerned about Nur’s safety.

Thursday 15 December 2022
Episode 49

Yigit is almost at his wits end trying to find Nur. He finds out that Iclal has had a miscarriage. When he eventually finds Nur, she is just signing the marriage register.
Monday 19 December 2022
Episode 50

Yigit is distraught after Nur’s marriage to Kerem. Not even Cahit can console him. Nur just wants to be by herself after the ceremony and Kerem uses this time to pay Hazal a chilling visit in the hospital.

Tuesday 20 December 2022
Episode 51

Kerem keeps Nur captive and under sedation. After Nazan has received roses from a wealthy suitor, her brothers see a money making potential in this.

Wednesday 21 December 2022
Episode 52

Everyone still assumes Kerem and Nur are on their honeymoon. Yigit discovers the kidnapping plot and is held captive with Nur. Iclal is in full wedding planning mode. Yigit and Nur’s on and off romance might finally be at an end.

Thursday 22 December 2022
Episode 53

Firat visits Nur in the hospital just as she is discharged. He tells her the truth about Iclal’s baby. Instead of leaving for good, Nur decides to go to the ranch to confront Iclal.
Monday 26 December 2022
Episode 54

Yigit and all the residents of the ranch move into a hotel after the house was destroyed by fire. Nur arrives there, determined to give Iclal a hard time because of all her lies.

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Tuesday 27 December 2022
Episode 55

Nur starts to work as Cahit’s secretary and rents a house near the Kozans’ new house. Cahit’s divorce does not proceed as planned.

Wednesday 28 December 2022
Episode 56

The Kozan family moves into their new home, but a strange welcome from their new neighbour shocks them all. Nur shows up unexpectedly to offer Elmas and her parents a solution to their problem.

Thursday 29 December 2022
Episode 57

Yigit confronts the man that’s been watching him and is shocked when he realises how they know each other. Nur wants to support him. Elmas attempts to bring her family back together.


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