Voëlvry Teasers for December 2023 | Full Summary

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Voëlvry December Teasers 2023 | Full Story.


Wednesday 1 December 2023
Episode 53

Dila sets up a meeting with Ferman, and prepares an offer he can’t resist. Meryem gets caught up in a life or death situation. Kuzgun needs to save his mother – but will he have enough time to do so?

Thursday 2 December 2023
Episode 54

Dila struggles with the darkness inside of her and makes a life altering decision. Kuzgun makes Ali pay for what he did to his mother and Behram Adivar faces the consequences of his deeds. Kuzgun gets important news about his father.

Friday 3 December 2023
Episode 55

Kuzgun meets Ferman and can sense Dila’s presence in the house, but doesn’t see her. He plans to abduct Dila that night.
Monday 6 December 2023
Episode 56

Kuzgun abducts Dila from her engagement party, not necessarily against her will. Ferman lets her go, to the surprise and chagrin of his sister, believing she’ll be back.

Tuesday 7 December 2023
Episode 57

After Kuzgun’s daring rescue of Dila after her engagement to Ferman, they appear to have a romantic moment in a lonely cabin. Dila makes it very clear to Kuzgun of her decision.

Ferman arrives as Dila walks out the door. Ali and Sermin sabotage one of Kuzgun’s projects, putting blame on Ferman. Kuzgun and Ferman have a civil, but certain confrontation.

Wednesday 8 December 2023
Episode 58

On his way out of the building, Kuzgun is confronted by Dila to stay away from her and Ferman. At the garden party arranged to present their new urban renewal project, their new partner finally reveals himself.

We also witness Kuzgun and Cihan managing affairs in their neighbourhood when Dila sneaks in for another confrontation. In the meantime, Cermin is launching a media smear campaign of her own.

Thursday 9 December 2023
Episode 59

Ferman forces Kuzgun to make a choice between his people and his brother. Meryem does her best to matchmake Gunes with Kuzgun.

Friday 10 December 2023
Episode 60

Kuzgun tells Dila that he is dead certain she will never marry Ferman and Dila has the same suspicion about Kuzgun’s union with Günes. Jealousy is the order of the day. Kartal is freed from prison, but confusion reigns.

Monday 13 December 2023
Episode 61

Meryem receives a letter from Nese that tells her the truth about her family tree. Dila and Ferman don’t want to wait any longer to get married, but Kuzgun stands in their way.

Kuzgun continues to fight for his neighborhood, even if he hurts loved ones whilst doing so.

Tuesday 14 December 2023
Episode 62

Dila warns Günes about Kuzgun’s destructive behavior. Kuzgun hears it and demands answers from his ex wife. Ali and Kartal get into an argument of their own, but these two let the fists do the talking.

Wednesday 15 December 2023
Episode 63

Kuzgun promises Dila he will expose Ferman for the man he is, before her wedding day. Cihan is gutted when he catches Kumru and Firat in an intimate moment. Gunes clearly has plans with Kuzgun.

Thursday 16 December 2023
Episode 64

Kuzgun discovers Gunes is closely related to Ferman. At a closed auction, Kuzgun wins the final bid on a prominent property in his neighbourhood, angering Ferman in the process.

Kuzgun discovers the truth of his father’s cause of death. Gunes confesses her love to Kuzgun and kisses him without realizing Dila and Ferman are in the background.

Friday 17 December 2023
Episode 65

Ferman blows his top when he finds out that Günes has feelings for Kuzgun. Kartal starts working for Ferman and he plans to use Kartal to get to Kuzgun. Meryem pleads with Ferman to leave Kuzgun alone, but Ferman hardens his heart.

Monday 20 December 2023
Episode 66

Tensions rise as Gunes admits her love for Kuzgun to her family. Ferman gets the police to raid Kuzgun’s casino, but will Firat and Kumru warn him in time? Ferman will stop at nothing to get rid of Kuzgun.

Tuesday 21 December 2023
Episode 67

Kuzgun tries to expose Ferman to her as a charlatan, but Dila takes Ferman’s side, despite damning evidence. An all-out war is declared. Meryem remains upset by the bad blood between her sons.

Wednesday 22 December 2023
Episode 68

Kadir escapes Kuzgun’s custody and arranges to meet with Ferman. Kuzgun and Dila also turns up. Ferman claims his innocence.

Kartal is caught installing spy-software on Ferman’s phone. Kuzgun is busy with an elaborate plan against Behram’s partners, which may include his surrender. Dila asks for Ali’s help to get out of the wedding.

Thursday 23 December 2023
Episode 69

Kuzgun finally finds a way to protect himself from Behram’s partners. It’s violent and loud but he gets the job done.

He tells Dila the good news, but doesn’t get the response he hoped for. It’s the day before her wedding and she’s not even trying to hide her unwillingness anymore.

Friday 24 December 2023
Episode 70

Dila gets the courage to do what her heart tells her to do. Ferman doesn’t take it well. Ali realizes his mistakes after an honest conversation with his sister.

Kuzgun needs to chase after Dila for one last time. She can’t get away.
Monday 27 December 2023
Episode 71

Series finale!

In the final episode of the series, Kuzgun and Ferman make a discovery that will change their fate. Or will it? It is a roller coaster of emotions as strings are tied and mysteries are solved. Buckle up!

New series Die Put replaces Voëlvry once it ends, starting on Monday 3 January 2022.

Premiere episodes of Voëlvry air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30.


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