The School was established in 1972 to train 20 Enrolled Nurses and 20 midwives. In 2001, the course was converted to Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing Course for the award of a Certificate in comprehensive Nursing, and this has continued up to date.

This was inline with the Government policy to train a holistic Nurse in the fulfillment of Primary Health Care goals. In 2009 the School also started to train Extension in Diploma comprehensive Nursing, General Nursing and Midwifery.


The Vision of the Nursing School is ‘To be a reputable training institution for training competent Health Workers.


To train Comprehensive Nurses and Midwives to provide high quality services for sustainable socio-economic development.


The core values of the School include; Transparency, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Professionalism, Commitment, maintaining discipline and Integrity.


Arua School of Comprehensive Nursing is a Uganda Government owned Health Training Institution under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and sports.