Subtrop SAAGA Bursary 2021-2022 | How to Apply

Subtrop SAAGA Bursary 2021/2022 | How to apply for the Subtrop bursaries program online, requirements, application form, and application closing date 2021-2022.

Want to apply for Bursaries in South Africa 2021? The Subtrop invites an application from suitably and qualifies students for their bursary program 2021-2022.


bursary is a monetary award made by any educational institution or funding authority to individuals or groups.

It is usually awarded to enable a student to attend school, university, or college when they might not be able to, otherwise. Some awards are aimed at encouraging specific groups or individuals into the study.


About Subtrop SAAGA

South Africa Subtropical Growers’ Association (Subtrop) is a body which manages the affairs of three other associations, including the South African Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA), the South African Litchi Growers’ Association (SALGA) and the South African Mango Growers’ Association (SAMGA).

SAAGA’s rationale includes the entire gambit of avocado production, marketing, distribution, and research. The association also offers a bursary for helping students of colour studying within the avocado industry in South Africa. Bursaries will be given to those following a BSc Agriculture degree. They will be required to enter into an agreement with Subtrop.

Subtrop SAAGA Bursary Progam 2021-2022

Subtrop not only focuses on enhancing agricultural growth but also empowering student education. It offers annual bursaries depending on the needs of students of colour from disadvantaged groups pursuing a degree in agriculture and its related fields. These include:

  • BSc. Agricultural Economics
  • BSc. Horticultural Science
  • BSc. Agriculture

The bursary aims at recruiting qualified and trained graduates to the South African avocado industry. It is a requirement for graduates to sign a contract with Subtrop where they have to work for the company within the same amount of time their bursaries lasted.

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They are then required to work under available positions related to their field of study. You have no obligation to Subtrop when upon completion of your course the job is not available. You then have the chance to work for an open position in your field with members of SAAGA.

Being a first-time applicant does not guarantee you to qualify for another bursary. You are to apply annually with the subsequent bursary granted upon having achieved good academic progress.

Subtrop SAAGA Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

Before the application for the bursary, you need to satisfy the following minimum application requirements. Failure to meet any of these criteria results in the lack of consideration of your application.

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • You must come from a previously disadvantaged group
  • Your field of study should be among any of the ones listed above
  • Study at a tertiary institution recognized by the South African government
  • If it is okay with you to pursue a career whose job is available at the avocado industry in South Africa

Application Details

The application form is available at in doc and pdf formats. You must submit the following documents alongside the application form to Subtrop offices to their e-mail address. Failure to attach these supporting documentation leads to the disregard of your application.

  • A certified copy of your national ID
  • A certified copy of your Matric
  • A complete record of your academics in university on a tertiary letterhead
  • A letter of motivation to convince the panel why you deserve the bursary
  • A Curriculum Vitae that is not more than two pages
  • Any added details of other bursaries or scholarships that fund your education
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Application Closing Date

The application process ends on  31 October 2020 .

Contact Information

For any question or queries related to this bursary programme, please contact Subtrop directly at:

Address: 13 Peace Street Arborpark Tzaneen 0850

Telephone Number: +27 15 307 3676 / +27 15 307 3677

E-mail Address: [email protected]


Make sure to read every detail of your Bursary contract. Not every company offers the same rewards and some companies will ask you to work for them as long as you have held the bursary.




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