The Red Room Teasers for December 2023 | Full Summary

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The Red Room December Teasers 2023 | Full Story.

Wednesday 1 December 2023
Episode 106

Daredevil Sadi comes to visit the Doctor again, and he still seems to be troubled by the immense fear and panic attacks that randomly takes over his being.

The Doctor tries to find the source of his darkness, and Sadi reveals only the tip of the iceberg to the Doctor before it becomes too much for him to handle.

Thursday 2 December 2023
Episode 107

Nazli, facing a divorce, tries to stay together yet her already fragile psyche slowly starts to crack open and reveal the years of piled up degradation and pain. She cannot utter the words herself, but her dreams speak on her behalf.

Friday 5 December 2023
Episode 108

Nazli’s fear of being abandoned comes from her father who left her and her mother. She feels both angry and sad about this and she blames her mother. She tried so hard to not to be like her mother, but she failed at the end.

Monday 6 December 2023
Episode 109

Kumru’s happy life with her grandmother is ruined with Sefika’s disease. She does what she only can do and entrusts Kumru to Senol and his family before she dies. We’ll see how this marriage will affect her life.

Sadi decides to go under Dr. Manolya’s “operation by talking”. He starts to tell of his childhood. As he is talking we feel his love for her mother and hatred for his father.

Tuesday 7 December 2023
Episode 110

Sadi starts having a panic attack because of what he has been through in his past, but the Doctor calms him down. Sadi tells about how his mother was killed by his father.

After telling the story, he could not believe he told the Doctor about his unfortunate past. He leaves the Red Room pleased.

Wednesday 8 December 2023
Episode 111

We see Kumru’s loneliness and helplessness before she married to Senol. She feels stuck as she can’t tell her grandma what befell her. She waits like a sheep to the slaughter as the wedding day comes closer.

Thursday 9 December 2023
Episode 112

Kumru seeing Servet in her wedding as if nothing happened, makes her question justice in the world. She isn’t that little, defenseless girl anymore but she remembers all her past traumas Servet caused. On top of it she faces her fear of the “first night” after being married to Senol.

Friday 10 December 2023
Episode 113

It is obvious that Recai is fed up with the behaviours of Nazli. He does not even respect past as he underestimates her issue with her father.

Nazli takes a big step and she realizes that even though she tried really hard not be like her mother, she turned up to be exactly like her.

Monday 13 December 2023
Episode 114

Sadi talks about how he started to overcome his panic attacks thanks to the doctor. He tells the Doctor what happened after his father killed his mother.

He felt unwanted while living with his stepmother, stepbrothers, and sisters. He defends her mother towards her stepmother, and they fight.

Tuesday 14 December 2023
Episode 115

We see how Sadi struggled throughout his childhood which affected him deeply. Even though he was innocent, he had to suffer for his father’s mistakes.

All of the painful experience led him to have a panic attack. Doctor wants him to open up to her and we can see that Sadi will tell more about his past later on.

Wednesday 15 December 2023
Episode 116

After having a merry breakfast with everyone at the clinic and with Mr. Aydin, the Doctor meets the first patient of the day, Kumru.

Kumru’s anxious state talks for itself for the Doctor and as she starts to tell the horrific events of the past she also reveals how the oppression and beliefs of society can imprison a woman.

Thursday 16 December 2023
Episode 117

Kumru, who does not feel like she belongs there even in her own home, begins to become more alienated from life and herself as time passes.

We see how Kumru, who bsaically turns into a maid due to domestic violence and oppression, tries to make things right and how she meets Yavuz for the first time.

Recai and Nazli also come to their appointment, and things seem to have started to change for both.

Friday 17 December 2023
Episode 118

Nazli realizes that she should focus on herself rather than Recai or any other person. However, she does not know how to fill the void inside her which was caused by her father.

Even though this is going to be a hard process, Doctor assures her that she can do it by focusing on herself.

When Recai calls her, she does not answer as this is a huge step. On the other hand, Recai seems happy about this but deep down, he wants Nazli to call him like she used to do.

Monday 20 December 2023
Episode 119

We see that Recai had a hard childhood. He always struggled because he was treated like he is not important as his family did not have money.

This damaged his personality and he always thinks that he is in a war. Sadi goes back to his old neigbourhood without realizing and he is deeply affected by that.

Tuesday 21 December 2023
Episode 120

Sadi talks about how he was treated in his stepmother’s house. We see he was beaten up by his brothers, felt like a burden and forced to work or leave the house. He misses his mother even after he grew up and had kids.

Wednesday 22 December 2023
Episode 121

Kumru comes to the clinic for her session. Doctor Manolya reads her body language and understands that she is uneasy.

She proves the doctor right and blames herself for the things she will tell in this session. We see how bad she was treated by Senol and his mother, the facts pushed her to Yavuz.

Thursday 23 December 2023
Episode 122

Kumru starts to look at her past from a different angle after the doctor’s reassuring words. She realizes that she shouldn’t blame herself for her past because it was her loneliness and lovelessness pushed her to make those mistakes. Nazli keeps struggling to become a self-confident, emotionally independent woman.

Friday 24 December 2023
Episode 123

Nazli tells the doctor about the times Haluk left her. We see she was very sad. She didn’t see that he had left her because of her overwhelming attitude and blamed him. She was also affected by her mother’s words but after talking with Dr. Manolya she realizes that she must love herself.

Monday 27 December 2023
Episode 124

We continue watching Sadi’s childhood story. He struggles to be welcomed at Bahar’s house but his efforts don’t make a sense for Bahar and his siblings.

After his grandmother’s death he realizes that he can’t go on living in that house. He faces up to his fears and leaves the house.

Tuesday 28 December 2023
Episode 125

Kumru has a joy that she never had before.We can see that she believes in herself now and she try not to bear the burden of her past anymore. Doctor realizes this immediately.

We learn that Servet had a terrible death which can be the reason of her relief. Also, she starts to tell the story of how she found a job.

Wednesday 29 December 2023
Episode 126

Kumru tells the Doctor about how she finally opened her broken and burnt heart up to Auntie Gümüs and met the love of her life on the way.

Piraye announces to Deniz that she’s leaving Istanbul and Deniz angrily tells her she’s the reason he’s still living here.

Meanwhile, Nazli tells the Doctor about how she figured out that she possessed the power to free herself from Recai all along and has finally decided to move out to make a fresh start.

Thursday 30 December 2023
Episode 127

Nazli looks relieved and peaceful as she seems to left her troubles behind and she finally found her true self. Doctor also realized this and looks at her proudly.

However, the more Nazli gets better, the more Recai gets worse. His childhood traumas come to surface. Now, he does not want to get a divorce.

Friday 31 December 2023
Episode 128

Sadi continues telling his story. He tells the Doctor how he starved for days and had to eat from garbage. Sadi remembers the good days he spent with Shipboy. We learn how they met and became friends. They became brothers to each other.

Shipboy took care of Sadi and he appreciates it because Sadi’s step-brothers never took care of him and treated him badly. When he comes to a traumatic part of his story, he stops and plays his instrument.

Premiere episodes of The Red Room air on SABC3 from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.


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