UNIVEN Nursing School Application Dates

UNIVEN Nursing School Application Dates: 2025

University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School Opening/Deadline for the 2025 Academic Year.


University of Venda Nursing School Application Dates

Are you eager to pursue a career at the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School in South Africa? The first step in a successful application for studies at the institution is to know the school’s application duration, the application process, requirements, and eligibility criteria.


This is, where we offer students knowledge about the institution where they wish to start their career journey and also vital information about the school’s applications.

How to Apply to UNIVEN Nursing School

Ready to apply to the University of Venda, and join one of the best universities? Select the appropriate online application in this section, and learn about the steps you’ll take to complete the application process. You’ll also find instructions about submitting academic records and any other required documents, as well as information about tracking the status of your application after you’ve applied.


Embrace the convenience of online applications by following the guidelines below:

  • Create an account with the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School  by registering on the university’s application portal via the link below to receive a unique applicant ID
  • Select your choice of Program
  • Fill out the application form
  • Upload the supporting documents
  • Pay the application fee (Be careful not to get scammed, and Keep a record of your payment receipt for future reference.)
  • Review all details
  • Submit your application

Is the University of Venda Nursing School application open?

Applications for the 2025–26 academic year for UNIVEN Nursing School are open.

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Here on this page, we have information about UNIVEN Nursing School Online Application, Closing Date, UNIVEN Nursing School Registration Deadline, and Submission of Application Form Deadline for 2025 intake programs.

Read on to get the right information about the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School applications.

What is the Application Deadline for UNIVEN Nursing School 2025?

The University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School application deadline refers to the date by which an applicant is required to submit her application to the institution for her application to be considered as such, securing admission into the institution for a program.

The application window for the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School lasts between July and September. At this time, students must have been able to apply, but in case you were not opportune to apply during this period due to some unforeseen circumstances, the good news is that there is always room for late applications, but as we all know, anything late isn’t commendable! Hurry, and get your application form now.

The University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School Application Form is where you provide accurate information about yourself and your intended choice of studies and also get to see some vital information about the institution.


Missing an application deadline can be disappointing and frustrating, particularly for opportunities like this, so avoid missing the date.

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UNIVEN Nursing School Admission Eligibility Criteria

It is recommended that you ensure that you meet the institution’s application criteria before embarking on the application process to be very sure that you have met the requirements and are also qualified for admission to avoid wasted applications.

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Note: The institution’s application deadline and eligibility criteria may vary based on the program you are undertaking. There are different closing dates for postgraduate, degree, non-degree, diplomas, certificates, distance learning, and other programs operating in the college.

UNIVEN Nursing School Application Requirements (Supporting Documents)

Before beginning your application with the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School, the following documents are handy:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • A copy of your ID card or passport
  • If applicable, submit language proficiency test scores (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL)
  • A Letter of Recommendation
  • A personal statement outlining your academic goals, interests, and reasons for choosing the university.

UNIVEN Nursing School Online Application Process

The following information is crucial for the successful completion of an online application process

• Only South African undergraduate applicants are to apply on online application wizard
• To apply online, you should be having a South African Identify number, Cell phone number, email address, and credit / debit card with cv number to pay R100 application fee online.
• During online application process, you may save and return at a later stage to resume the application process.
• Applicant will be required to create a pin consisting of 5 digits
• Scan and upload a copy of I.D. document or passport, Grade 11 report or statement of grade 12 results or copy of Matric Certificate
• Complete your application by pressing ‘submit ‘button
• You will then get a student number
• Application Closing Date: 30 October 2023

Application enquiries can be sent to any of the following officials:

• Mulidzi Fhatuwani – 015 962 8959 [email protected]
• Muthevhuli Alvinah – 015 962 8953
• Nengwekhulu Mishumo – 015 962 8954 [email protected]
• Seth Ugoda – 015 962 8882 [email protected]

Stay informed about the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School admission, enrollment dates, and other important information by always checking back on

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If there is anything more about the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School admissions or anything educational you would want to know, kindly mail us or drop a comment below. We will be glad to assist you anywhere we can.

UNIVEN Nursing School Contact Details

University of Venda Physical Address
University Road

Thohoyandou, Limpopo, 0950

Postal Address
Private Bag X5050
Thohoyandou, Limpopo, 0950

GPS Coordinates: Latitude -22,9757, Longitude 30,4444

Tel: +27 15 962 8000


You may confidently manage the application process and prepare for a life-changing academic experience by following the instructions in this detailed guide, as nursing science at the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School is an exciting one.


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For more inquiries about the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School, please kindly drop a comment below. We will respond to you ASAP. or reach out at your convenience via the University of Venda-UNIVEN Nursing School contact details provided.




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